About Us

        Meet the fragile, tender and charming shopkeeper Erica Erdeli. A musician, a piano teacher with a solid background in teaching and concerts, once turned her life around, discovering the wonderful world of jewelry made from natural stones. Erica belongs to the family of the famous Transcarpathian artist Adalbert Erdeli. It is perfectly logical to say about her: a talented person is talented in everything.

        The hobby for jewelry coincided with the crisis in the country, as for many people the material side at that time sharpened its relevance. At first it was a game. Similar products were not in our city. Accordingly, there was nothing to compare, and no one to learn from. She studied from books and from intuition, remodeling her work several times. The advice of the master from Kiev helped a lot, thanks to her for this and now heats his soul. Materials for jewelry were also far from perfect. But everything comes with time. In life, events began to take place that somehow advanced along the steps of skill and helped to go to a dream. There was an opportunity to purchase beautiful minerals for their products at exhibitions in Budapest and Miskolc, to choose the finest Italian skin in specialized stores. Mastery is getting higher. The secrets of fine art are revealed. Now Erica not only buys exquisite stones for her future work, but also exhibits finished products. They are becoming increasingly popular.

        Ornamental gems are a reflection of the soul. They are like frozen music reaching to the very heart. The combination in the decoration of warm and soft skin with a cold and bright mineral can be compared with a female character. Where soft and comfortable, and where inaccessible, charming. Such should be the owner of an exclusive jewelry from Erica Erdeli. Each product is created with great love. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets - everything exists in a single copy, and each piece of jewelry mirrors the character of the hostess. Necessarily brings personality and charisma to her image.

Oksana Vasilyan